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The Ascot Primary School in Portmore, St. Catherine staged a successful ‘Jamaica Day’ on Friday (Feb. 20), with teachers, students, and parents coming together to showcase traditional dress, music and food, which highlight the country’s culture.
Principal of the school, Jean Fearon, told JIS News that implicit in the celebration was the need to make the students more appreciative of the achievements of the black race and the Afro-Caribbean experience.
She commended the teachers and parents, whom, she said, were “quite active” in the preparations for the day.
“The food, the music, the dance, just about everything; the parents came in and they did the ackee and saltfish, dukonnu, run-down and all of those things. We had one teacher teaching the children how to make mackerel run-down and sweet potato pudding,” she told JIS News.
Mrs. Fearon said that the students look forward to the event, which was being held at the school for the third year. “You notice our colours? We are wearing the Jamaican colours and dressed in our bandana, and the children enjoy this and look forward to it,” she stated.
‘Jamaica Day’ or ‘Culture Day in Schools’ is an annual activity of the Ministry of Education to mark Black History Month in February.
The occasion serves as a means of heightening students’ awareness of the contribution of the national heroes; to generate in them, pride and a sense of nationalism; and foster a deeper love for things Jamaican.

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