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    Cabinet has approved the repeal and replacement of the Archives Act, 1982, with the proposed National Archives and Records Management Act.

    Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Fayval Williams, said that the move is in keeping with the new Government of Jamaica Records and Information Policy.

    Speaking during Wednesday’s (September 22) Post-Cabinet digital media briefing, Mrs. Williams said repeal and replacement of the existing Act are consistent with the Government’s Records and Information Management Policy.

    This, she noted, provides for a modern legislative framework for records and information management and approval, and repealing and replacing the Archives (Official Records) Regulations, 1988.

    The Minister indicated that a Records and Information Management Policy, approved in July 2018, recognises records as an important government asset.

    Additionally, that it sets out the framework by which all records and information are to be managed in the public sector.

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Williams advised that Cabinet also approved the repeal of the Records Office Archives Rules, 1969, as issued under Section 12 of the Records Office Act.

    It is intended to replace these with the new rules issued under the proposed National Archives and Records Management Act.

    Mrs. Williams indicated that the proposed Act will be reconciled and aligned with provisions of the Access to Information Act, where inconsistencies exist, in particular, the time for accessing archives.

    “The Records Office Archives Rules would need to be repealed and replaced to be so reflected under the proposed Act,” she added.

    The Minister further informed that Cabinet also gave approval for any consequential amendments that may arise, and the issuance of drafting instructions to the Chief Parliamentary Counsel.

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