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The Archbishop of York, The Most Rev. Dr. John Sentamu, was last week presented with the key to the city of Montego Bay at a brief ceremony held at the St. James Parish Council.
Mayor of Montego Bay, Noel Donaldson, in making the presentation, said that it was a proud moment for the council to bestow the city’s highest honour on the Ugandan-born Archbishop.
“We take great pride in having this privilege, particularly because this year is the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and here you are today, an Archbishop of the Church of England,” he stated.
Noting Rev. Sentamu’s “impeccable record of service as a scholar and theologian,” Mayor Donaldson said that the Archbishop stood as an example of success despite the odds.
“It’s really and truly I believe, a motivation to many of us, to realize and recognize that no matter what obstacles you may come across in your life’s path, that you can nonetheless strive for and reach the highest heights, and we really congratulate and commend you for all your achievements,” he stated.
The Archbishop, in his reply, thanked the council for the honour, and urged the membership to work for justice and for truth for all, as stated in the National Anthem.
He suggested that more of the money earned from tourism could be spent on the less fortunate in the city. “It is the underprivileged, the lonely, the weak, the powerless, the less privileged, that this great city has got to address,” he noted.
“After all, we are not going to be judged in the end by how well we have lived, but rather by how well we have served, particularly the poor, the lonely, the people facing injustices and poverty,” he added.
He expressed the hope that the residents of Jamaica, being descendants of slaves, and now running their own affairs, will recognize the importance of their achievements, as this will drive the nation to greater success.
The Archbishop and wife Mrs. Margaret Sentamu, were in the island from October 5-12, as special guests of the Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Rev. Sentamu expressed appreciation at the welcome received, describing Jamaica as an island of religion and faith.
While in Montego Bay, the Archbishop met with the city’s clergy and interacted with students and teachers of the St. James Preparatory School, which is operated by the St. James Parish Church.

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