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The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Rowan Williams, has implored church members to be mindful of their all-important role of imparting the truth of God, as they seek to positively impact civil society, serving the needs of the vulnerable and under-privileged.
He reminded them that they should not be found wanting, but should, by virtue of how they live, be able to guide others to an awareness and an acceptance of God.
The Archbishop was presenting the sermon at the service of dedication for the new St. John’s Anglican Church, in Portland Cottage, Clarendon on Sunday, May 10.
“We as Christians, must always be willing to tell the truth. We must be trustworthy people, we must be honest, straightforward people. We must not dress-up our failures, we must not deny our weaknesses; we must be able to be trusted by those around us. We are here to tell the world about the truth about God, and the truth about human beings. The church tells the world that God is there, yes, that glorious truth that we have learnt. The church tells the truth about human beings, that they have a great capacity for freedom, and for service. To function today, human beings should choose to love and to serve,” he told the audience.
The Archbishop further emphasised that persons should see the dedication of the church as a recommitment of themselves, to carry out God’s mandate in their bid to lessen the suffering of their fellowmen.
“As we dedicate this church and begin its life afresh, we are setting down in this community here, a sign of the love of God, and to show that there is a way. This is a community that has felt real suffering, real devastation, a community almost literally levelled to the ground. The Church does not go away from need and suffering, the Church is there when people are down,” he said.
He stressed that in order to enjoy the kind of harmonious and peaceful society that we all desire, each individual must be cognisant of his or her duty. “To function today, human beings should choose to love and to serve,” he emphasised.
The Portland Cottage Anglican Church was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2005. The community, situated on the Vere Plains, is particularly vulnerable to such disasters, as it is close to the south coast, and is not sufficiently elevated above sea level.

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