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Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett yesterday (Oct. 25), defended the decision to appoint John Lynch as chairman of the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB),stating that the appointment “is good for the industry.”
“There is no one who has the experience, credentials, achievement, proven track record and relationship with tourism and the JTB as John Lynch. I am going for double digit growth and I want a marketer to drive that, and John Lynch is a marketer,” Mr. Bartlett said.
The Minister, who was addressing a press conference held at the JTB’s Knutsford Boulevard office in Kingston, was responding to concerns that Mr. Lynch’s appointment would create a conflict of interest, as he is also a board member of the Sandals group.
Other members of the JTB board, who were named at yesterday’s meeting are: General Manager of the Jamaica National Building Society, Earl Jarrett, who will serve as deputy chairman; Director of Tourism, Basil Smith; Senior Vice President at Air Jamaica, Paul Pennicooke; President of Jamaica Hotel and Tourism Association (JHTA), Wayne Cummings; Tourism Consultant, Carolyn Hayle; hoteliers Godfrey Dyer, Joseph Forstmayr, Lionel Reid, Zein Issa Nakash, and Ralph Smith; and businessman, Bert Wright.
The ex-officio members are hotelier Evelyn Smith; Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Jennifer Griffith, Director General, Carrole Guntley; and a representative from the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service.
In the meantime, Robert Russell has been appointed Chairman of the Tourism Product Development Company Limited (TPDCo). The other board members include: President of the Association of Jamaica Attractions Limited (AJAL), Marilyn Burrows; Vice President of AJAL, Judy Schoenbein; Nicola Madden-Greig, JHTA; hotelier, Joseph Smith; businesspersons Gilbert Fender, Donald Smith, Blaise Hart, Richard Salomone, Walter Elmore, and Laura Heron; Management Consultant, Joy Roberts; Carrole Guntley; and Ian Neita.
Godfrey Dyer will chair the board of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), which will comprise: John Byles, AJAL; Wayne Cummings; hoteliers Adam Stewart and Josef Forstmayr; Judy Schoenbein; President of the Board of Airline Representatives of Jamaica, Tom Scarlett; businessmen Danville Davidson and Mark Hart; Jennifer Griffith; Karen Ford-Warner, TPDCo; Basil Smith; and a representative of the Ministry of Finance and Public Service. Ian Neita is an exofficio member.
Mr. Bartlett noted that the membership of the boards have a proven record of service and have the capacity to give the quality leadership to the various sectors within the Ministry.

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