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American Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Dwight Blake, is praising the high quality of care being provided for patients suffering from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes.
The doctor, who is part of a health mission from Atlanta to Montego Bay, St. James, said that the level and quality of treatment was “on par” and “comparable” with most international medical standards.
He was speaking to JIS News following a two-day health fair from June 15 to 16 at the St. John’s Methodist Church Hall, which was organised by the Sister City Health Fair Committee.
“It is clear from the many patients that I have seen… that they are receiving good health care locally. The medication that they have been prescribed and recommended, are of the same standards that we follow overseas, so people here shouldn’t feel that they are getting better quality of care when they come to these health fairs,” he said.
“Some patients may be a little disappointed when they realise that the medication received at the health fair was the same they could have received at the clinic or health centre. This is a good thing I guess, because it assures them that the level of care they receive here in Jamaica is on par with what we do overseas or anywhere else,” Dr. Blake added.
As part of the health fair, patients were educated about their particular medical condition, so that they could have a clearer understanding of their particular health challenge and improve their ability to manage the condition.
“Having given patients knowledge, which empowers them to a level of understanding, they would be allowed to use wisdom to make wise choices regarding the type of lifestyle they choose to live. The information that we have given them and those choices, hopefully, will allow them to live healthier and happier lifestyles,” Dr. Blake noted.
Meanwhile, Honorary Consul to Atlanta, Vin Martin, who was chief co-ordinator of the Montego Bay/Atlanta Health Mission, informed that in addition to medication, a number of diabetics were provided with glucometers so that they could test their blood sugar levels.
“We have assessed these persons and have given a number of them brand new glucometers and the testing strips to go along with the instruments. We have also brought in great volumes of medication, which we will be giving to these patients when we are through with the mission. Most of these patients would be receiving up to six months supply of medicine. By this, I believe that we are making great impact of persons suffering from diabetes,” Mr. Martin told JIS News.

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