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Professor Gordon Shirley, Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, has pointed to a number of positive economic developments in the country, including strong growth in the areas of tourism, bauxite and alumina and information technology.
He noted further, that expected demand from China, should increase bauxite production, while the government was seeking to diversify the energy mix, through the introduction of natural gas.
The Ambassador, who was speaking at a reception in his honour held recently at the Westin Diplomat Hotel in South Florida, also pointed to several projects in the areas of health, education, social welfare and production, which were designed to create jobs and to improve the standard of living for all Jamaicans.
Meanwhile, he said that the Diaspora must become involved in the process of change in the Jamaican society for “our country to fulfill its role and full potential” in the global arena.
He expressed appreciation to nationals in South Florida for their continued commitment to the country’s development and encouraged them to support the mission of the Jamaica Diaspora Foundation, in uniting the efforts of the overseas community as “we continue to support our homeland.”
Attorney Dahlia Walker-Huntington, advisory board member of the Jamaica Diaspora Foundation, told the audience that the united efforts of the Diaspora would help to create new opportunities for Jamaicans to unleash their potential and positively impact the country’s development.
She cited several areas where nationals could make their contributions and called for the full participation and support of efforts to assist the country.
Jamaica’s Consul General to Miami, Ricardo Allicock told the gathering that Jamaica continued to benefit from the tremendous goodwill of the world community, based on the significant and positive impact nationals continued to make in their host countries.
He commended the staff of the Foreign Affairs Ministry for convening the first Jamaican Diaspora Conference in Kingston last June, noting that the function was successful in engaging the overseas communities in efforts to drive the country’s development. He also praised the South Florida community for their contribution to the Hurricane Ivan reconstruction efforts.
State Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Delano Franklyn, who was also at the function, lauded the Jamaicans for their support of their homeland.

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