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Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Her Excellency Audrey Marks, has lauded the Atlanta-based Integrity Children’s Fund for its contribution to the education and development of at-risk children.
Over the past eight years, the Fund has contributed $33.6 million or US$400,000 to three schools in Kingston and St. Andrew and one in St. James.
“I am pleased to salute the Integrity Children’s Fund, which, through its effort of giving back, has helped to touch many lives in Jamaica in immeasurable ways,” Ambassador Marks said in her message at the organisation’s annual Christmas benefit concert held on Sunday (December 12) at the Miller Grove High School in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Christopher Parker had the audience in stitches with his comedic routine, at the Integrity Children’s Fund annual Christmas benefit concert held on Sunday (Dec.12) at the Miller Grove High School in Atlanta, Georgia.

In her message, which was read by Jamaica’s Honorary Consul in Atlanta, Vin Martin, she noted that the Fund was making a much-needed and tangible difference in the lives of the less fortunate.
“This organisation is doing an absolutely marvellous and inspiring job. The evidence is served up by the changed lives of young people in inner-city communities that are being served by this great organisation. We have a sense that what they do is work in which God is well-pleased,” she stated.
The Ambassador also showered high praises on founder and President, Major Karl Chambers. “Let me say how reassuring it is to observe the tenacity with which you have led these efforts. This stands as an exemplary contribution by one of our Jamaican Diaspora organisations in giving back to the land of our birth. On behalf of the government and people of Jamaica I would like to express heartfelt thanks,” she added.
Major Chambers, in his remarks, said that the organisation, founded in 2002, seeks to improve literacy, through the provision of resources to promote intellectual and social development.
He noted that illiteracy limits the ability of these teenagers to reason rationally, and is a primary factor in some turning to a life of crime.

The Rev. Paul Blake, formerly of the ‘Blood Fire Posse’ band, delivers a splendid performance at the Integrity Children’s Fund annual Christmas benefit concert held on Sunday (Dec.12) at the Miller Grove High School in Atlanta, Georgia.

Major Chambers informed that the Fund provides more than US$50,000 annually to support the operations of the four schools, catering to distinct student populations affected by socio-economic hardships.
In Kingston and St. Andrew, the schools are Joy Town Learning Centre, an early childhood education facility in Trench Town; Operation Restoration Christian School, a remedial institution for illiterate teens; and Peter’s Rock Preparatory School, a kindergarten and elementary school in East Rural St. Andrew.
The Teamwork school in Flankers, Montego Bay is the Fund’s newest charity, which provides a second chance at an education for young people, who have dropped out of school.
Integrity Children’s Fund raises money mainly through individual and corporate donations, parties, concerts and walkathons held in Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville and West Palm Beach, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; and Los Angeles, California.
Earlier this year, the organisation launched its own brand of Jamaican flavoured coffee in collaboration with Aroma Ridge, an Atlanta-based company specialising in the manufacturing of specialty coffees.
Patrons at the concert entitled: ‘All I want fi Christmas’ were entertained by guest performer, the Rev. Paul Blake, formerly of the band ‘Blood Fire Posse’, while
Dr. Christopher Parker and his group ‘De People Dem Pickney’ had the audience in stitches, with their comedic routines.
On Sunday, December 19, the Integrity Children’s Fund will stage a second fundraising concert at the Coral Spring High School in Florida. The guest artistes will be Jamaican song bird Karen Smith along with acclaimed violinist John Williams.

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