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Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States of America, Anthony Johnson, will represent the Government of Jamaica, at the inauguration ceremony of America’s 44th President, Barack Obama, tomorrow ( Jan. 20), which will be held on the steps of the US Congress, downtown Washington, DC.
In addition to attending the inauguration, Ambassador Johnson, will also attend various events planned by the presidential inaugural committee. These include the inaugural parade, the official eastern inaugural ball, and a national prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral.
In an interview with JIS News, Ambassador Johnson, said he was honoured to represent the people and Government of Jamaica at this historical event in US history.
He added that, “President-elect Obama has been called to lead the most powerful nation in the world at a time when the world faces its most formidable challenges in our lifetime. His message during the election campaign demonstrated his profound understanding of these challenges as he shared his vision for a new world of peace and prosperity”.
Ambassador Johnson noted that the hope is that developing countries like Jamaica, so often left on the peripheries of the global agenda, will be more involved in the foreign policy framework, which recognises that shared broad- based development is the surest way to secure and maintain global prosperity and stability. “I look forward to the strengthening under his administration of the warm relation that Jamaica has enjoyed with the US for many years,” he said.
On Sunday (Jan. 18), Ambassador Johnson attended an inaugural reception hosted by Senator Vincent Hughes and Jamaican-born actress, Sheryl-Lee Ralph, and the Caribbean American Presidential Inaugural Ball.
Meanwhile, Jamaican-born Jacquie Patterson, a former Peace Corps volunteer has been selected to carry the flag of Jamaica in the inaugural parade as part of the US Peace Corps delegation, while 15 year-old, high-achiever student, from Tampa, Florida, Jamaican-born John Henry Marley, was invited by the US Congressional Youth Leadership Council, and the National Youth Leadership forum to share in the historical ceremony.

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