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As drought conditions continue to affect the parish of St. Elizabeth, Public Relations Manager for Alumina Partners of Jamaica (ALPART), Lance Neita has made an urgent appeal to persons who have illegally tapped into the company’s water supply system to cease this activity. Speaking at a recent community council meeting held at the ALPART Sports Club, Mr. Neita noted that individuals who were so engaged were making it very difficult for families that were living in the mining belt of the Essex Valley. “We have noticed that in some cases at the section where we have our well and pumping station there are many unauthorized connections which result in much of the water not reaching in the vicinity of the plant where our loading bays are should remember that on a daily basis we have to truck water to many of the affected areas and if this is not done there are many who suffer,” he said. The Public Relations Manager stated that ALPART would shortly be initiating a number of activities to curb the illegal activity. “Make no mistake we intend to assert our rights as the majority cant be allowed to suffered because of the lack of conscience on the part of a small group of persons,” he said.
Member of Parliament for South Manchester, Michael Peart who was also present at the meeting reiterated government’s support for the position taken by ALPART.
“I wish to advise that we will support the company whole heartedly as persons who are doing this are very short sighted and must learn to respect the laws of the land.if it means bringing them to book then so be it,” he stated.