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All the shelters that were opened in Trelawny prior to the passage of Hurricane Dean, have been closed. Parish Disaster Co-ordinator, Dion Hylton-Lewis, told JIS News that a total of 30 shelters were opened to accommodate persons who might be affected by the hurricane, but to date all 30 shelters are closed. She said that the Trelawny Parish Disaster Committee was currently carrying out assessments to ascertain the level of damage in the parish, as a result of the hurricane. “Based on the reports received from the damage assessment team,we can say that between 800 to 1,000 houses received some amount of damage, mainly to their roofs, and a total of six houses were totally destroyed,” she said.
Mrs. Hylton-Lewis said that electricity have been restored to most areas in the parish and that “the majority of our roads have been cleared.”
She is appealing to residents who suffered losses during Hurricane Dean to be patient and co-operate with the field officers when they come out into the various areas to do the necessary assessments.
“If you have been affected and you have not seen any of our field officers, then you can call the Poor Relief Department at telephone number 954-3970 or the Ministry of Labour and Social Security at 954-3312,” she said.

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