• JIS News

    Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Grace McLean has announced that weather permitting, all schools should re-open tomorrow (October 1).
    She further noted that a team from the Ministry is in the field doing assessments of damage to schools.
    “Our officers are on the ground monitoring the situation and assessing whether there are any major repairs to be done to some of the schools so we can start effecting the repairs next week, but if the weather continues as it is now, then I am sure everything should be normal for tomorrow,” she informed JIS News.
    According to Mrs. McLean, at least four schools were reported open in St. Ann today (September 30). However, schools remained closed in the rest of the island.
    “In the other regions, I don’t think there were any schools that were opened and it’s not that the schools are damaged, it’s just that students would not have been able to gain access through the blocked roads to get to schools,” she explained, while pointing out that parents and guardians should listen for an advisory later this evening.
    In the meantime, President of the National Parent Teacher’s Association of Jamaica (NPTAJ), Marcia Wilson has pledged to support the decisions of the Ministry during this time.
    She emphasised that parents should continue to be the judge as to how safe it is for their children to attend schools, based on the areas they have to traverse.