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Information Minister, Senator the Hon. Sandrea Falconer, said that all well-thinking Jamaicans must stand up against brutality, especially when it is directed at women and children.

She was speaking yesterday morning (September 26) in the wake of the brutal attack on five females in Irwin, St. James.

The victims, ages eight, 14, 16, 23 and 28, were attacked in their house on September 25 and raped by two gunmen, who also stole cash and other valuables. The eight year old is reportedly in hospital after undergoing surgery following the incident.

The Information Minister, who was guest speaker at the launch of the 2012 Access to Information National High School Essay Competition at the Office of the Prime Minister, said that "as a woman and a well-thinking Jamaican," she had to comment on the brutal rape.

She expressed outrage and condemnation at the incident. "These kinds of attacks, especially on our children, are attacks against all of us and the entire Jamaica must stand up and ensure that the police get the co-operation necessary as they investigate this barbaric evil," she said.

Minister Falconer further added that "we have to stand up as one from all walks of life to ensure that these acts do not continue in our country".

"No decent, well-thinking society can condone this kind of evil on our women and children especially," the Minister said.

She called on Commission of Police, Owen Ellington, to deploy the resources necessary to bring the guilty ones to justice.