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The All Island Banana Growers Association (AIBGA) has re-launched its Portland Area Council, as part of measures to assist banana farmers in the parish to become more organized and to take full advantage of aid being provided through the European Union (EU).
Approximately $6 billion in assistance is being provided by the EU for the resuscitation of the banana industry, following the devastation caused by Hurricane Dean in August of last year, and to promote the development of other agriculture-related enterprises for social and economic advancement.
The assistance, which consists of fertilizer and other chemicals, will be disbursed through the Ministry of Agriculture and the Banana Export Company (BECo).
At a recent AIBGA meeting held at the Fellowship Boxing Plant, Glenton Cole, David Brown, Jeanette Patterson, Diana Thompson, and Junior Barnaby were elected to serve on the Portland Area Council. The body will function as a lobby group, organizing and acting on behalf of the banana farmers in the parish.
Addressing the meeting, Chairman of the AIBGA, A.A. Bobby Pottinger said the organization is thankful for the assistance being provided by the EU, and exhorted banana farmers to make the best use of the help to increase production for both the local and export markets.
In his remarks, Vice Chairman of the AIBGA, Bob Miller, assured the farmers that the organization will continue to be forceful in protecting their interests and emphasized the need for banana farmers to dedicate themselves to the task of developing a strong banana industry.

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