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PETROJAM Limited is projecting that by the end of the week, all dealers across the island should have the newly dyed (red) regular diesel in their pumps.

The regular diesel fuel has been dyed red to distinguish it from the soon to be launched Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel, which will carry a light yellow colour.

This has been disclosed to JIS News by Manager of Safety, Environment and Quality (SEQ) at PETROJAM, Leon Jarrett.

Mr. Jarrett said that the distribution of the red coloured diesel fuel commenced without a hitch and is expected to be available islandwide in a few days.

“I have not received any undue complaints, but the distribution is going well and we’ll continue to do that. We believe everywhere should have (red coloured) regular diesel by the end of the week,” he added.

The Manager pointed out that strategies have been put in place to deal with slow moving diesel inventory at remotely located gas stations.

“What we did is overcompensate on the dye for the first batch, knowing that there is going to be dead-stock inventory lying around. So, whatever is in storage will get coloured once we have gotten to those inventories,” he explained.

Operations Manager at Johnson’s Petroleum, Michael Simpson, told JIS News that preparations have been made to ensure client comfort with extra training of pump attendants.

“They are being trained about the new Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel and about the change in colour of the regular diesel. All our dispensers [pumps] will be labelled appropriately to show customers what pump they are on,” he said.

Contact: O. Rodger Hutchinson

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