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MANDEVILLE — Mayfield All Age School, in St. Elizabeth, celebrated its first Jamaica Day on April 20, with support from parents and the business community, and a special session by Story Teller, Amina Blackwood-Meeks.

The day began with a ceremonial flag-raising ceremony, with the students being given reminders of the symbolic meaning of hoisting the Jamaican flag. This was followed by a brief history of the school, by Principal, Paulette Elliot.

“Mayfield All Age School has certainly molded lives of men and women who have positions, not just in Jamaica, but in many other countries around the world,” the Principal said, as she highlighted the school’s successes.

Meanwhile, Cultural Agent at the school, Violet Thomas, informed that difficulties prevented them from having their Jamaica Day at the designated time, February 25.

“Because it is so much a part of our curriculum we decided we would have a late Jamaica Day, which would culminate the Easter term. Having a day like this where the children can get to see it, they can get to taste it and be informed in a different way, and with visitors coming to share with them, they can appreciate it more,” Mrs. Thomas said.

Head Girl at the institution, Sara Gordon, was one of the delighted students who celebrated the first Jamaica Day to be held at her school. She said her position gives her the opportunity to help instill discipline at the school.

“The teachers work hard for us, and we must make them and our community proud. Today is a day when we are told about many of the things that the country has accomplished, and I would like to see many more,” she said.           

For her part,   Marvalee  Bookal, a parent, said she came  to celebrate the day because it was special. “Going out with your child is special, and you are never too old to learn. The school’s shareholders are not just those at the school, but parents and the community. For my child to have a balanced education and upbringing, it is best for me to be at the school. The children are taking part in the events, and every display seems to be all about Jamaicans and Jamaica,” she said.

The theme for Jamaica Day 2011 was: ‘Celebrating Jamaica, Feasting on Our Heritage’.




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