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The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries will be making $50 million available to support the production incentive and drought mitigation/climate mitigation programmes in each constituency.

This was disclosed by Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry, Hon. Leslie Campbell during a statement to the House of Representatives on Tuesday (July 28).

“A total of $35 million is being made available to the Members of Parliament and we are pleased to issue each Member of Parliament with their letters, representing an allocation of approximately $555,000 per constituency,” Mr. Campbell said.

“This allocation is retrievable through the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), and contact should be made with the respective RADA Parish Managers for further guidance,” he added.

Additionally, $15 million is being made available to RADA to provide support to registered farmers’ groups and associations.

Mr. Campbell said the funding being provided is towards support for production incentive to include seeds and other planting material, input material and technical assistance; drought mitigation and climate management support to include water and irrigation systems, among other activities.

“Members of Parliament will appreciate that the allocation will allow the local representatives to be more active in providing the necessary support at the constituency and community level. We, therefore, look forward to the continued partnership with the parliamentarians to support the activities to strengthen capacities and promote responsible investment in agriculture and food systems,” he said.

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