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A gymnasium has been established at the Ministry of Agriculture’s Old Hope Road headquarters, as part of an overall health and wellness programme for staff.
Portfolio Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, who opened the facility recently, said that as the organisation with responsibility for the food that nourishes the nation, health management within the Ministry is very important.
He noted further that the revitalisation of the agricultural sector “demands a re-vitalised Ministry of Agriculture in all areas” to take on the demands of an efficient, modern and robust industry.
He cited a number of improvements that have been carried out over the past 15 months, which he said, formed part of a general approach to improving the health of staff, and enhancing performance and morale.
These include the establishment of a football field at the entrance of the property, a green space for aesthetic appeal and a new and safer entrance that is regulated by traffic lights.
Corporate Wellness Executive, Ms. Patricia Fletcher, who also spoke at the opening, said that she has been working with organisations such the Ministry of Agriculture, to assess their readiness for a wellness programme, and addressing staff nutrition and activity levels, in addition to HIV at the workplace.

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