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Aeronautical Telecommunications Ltd. (AEROTEL) is far advanced in the development of its Learning Resource and Development Centre (LRDC), which is expected to be launched on April 1.

In an interview with JIS News, General Manager of AEROTEL, Howard Armstrong, said that the LRDC, which is the entity’s latest initiative, will simulate all aspects of the Communication Navigational Surveillance environment.

“Our engineers and technicians can develop their confidence and their competence and be trained and innovate new products and services in that safe simulated space, rather than doing things in the live environment that could potentially be problematic,” he explained.

“So, the LRDC will be launched, it will be available, and they can learn everything about the air-to-ground environment without doing anything that could cause a pilot difficulty,” he added.

The General Manager pointed out that the LRDC will be located at the offices of AEROTEL.

According to Mr. Armstrong, the facility, which will be a first-rate technological entity, will enable the AEROTEL team to do training and development practice, competence assessment, product development and innovation.

“It is our intention to reinforce our position as a centre of excellence in the Caribbean and Central America for aviation technology services,” he said.

The centre is expected to benefit the entire technical team, which consists of 41 persons. AEROTEL provides technical support and maintenance for the Communication Navigational and Surveillance systems, owned and operated by its parent company and main client, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority.

In addition to the aviation industry, AEROTEL leverages its expertise and network assets to provide services to the media and telecommunications industries, and also owns and operates KOOL 97FM.

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