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The 2003/04 fiscal year was a successful one for the Administrator-General’s Department, which saw the agency exceeding its key performance targets, closing 703 estates, which was 153 more than the 550 estates targeted.
As stated in the agency’s annual report, which was tabled in the House of Representatives yesterday (Dec.13), the Department maintained its focus on improving customer satisfaction through efficient administration of estates and achieved a 27.96 per cent average return on estate funds invested, exceeding the annual target of 16 per cent. This was the highest return during the Department’s five years as an Executive Agency.
The report further outlined that, “continuing the drive to provide beneficiaries with excellent service during the period, through the amendment to the Administrator-General’s Act, the Administrator General collected assets in 169 small estates without a grant of Letters of Administration. This facilitated expeditious distribution of entitlements to benefits”.
Meanwhile, for estates, which required a grant, 151 Letters of Administration were granted against a target of 140. The end of the fiscal period saw revenue collection standing at $50.6 million, which was a 26.18 per cent increase over the annual projection of $40.1 million.
Further, in accordance with the Financial Instructions to Executive Agencies, $25.3 million representing 50 per cent of earnings was paid into the Consolidated Fund.
In other achievements, the Department emerged the top organization in the public sector customer service competition for 2003, and was awarded the prizes for best executive agency and most creative agency.
“In order to ensure that this high standard of service to beneficiaries and clients is maintained, the agency will, in the 2004/05 financial year, continue to improve its processes and procedures and implement new customer service initiatives”, the report concluded.

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