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The Ministry of Youth and Culture is finalising activities for this year’s celebration of the nation’s 50th anniversary of Independence.

Minister of Youth and Culture, Hon. Lisa Hanna, told JIS News that she is “very pleased” with the plans made so far for Jamaica 50, noting that work is progressing smoothly and that a  Committee has made some adjustments to the programme after making a presentation to Cabinet.

“Cabinet has asked us to do a number of other things as it relates to our Diaspora programme and certainly one or few things relating to our local programmes,” she said.

Miss Hanna said the Committee has consulted with the private sector and other groups that contribute to Jamaica’s development about the events. “The country will hear very shortly about those things that we believe are do-able for Jamaica 50,” she said.

Activities for Jamaica 50 celebrations are being reviewed by an Inter Ministerial Committee set up by the Government to oversee the events.

The Committee is being chaired by the Minister. The other members are: Minister of National Security, Hon. Peter Bunting; Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Anthony Hylton; Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator the Hon. A.J. Nicholson; Minister of Tourism and Entertainment, Hon. Dr. Wykeham McNeill, and a representative from the Ministry of Finance.


By Elain Hartman Reckord, JIS Reporter