Active Labour Day in St. Elizabeth

Hundreds of persons turned out in St. Elizabeth on Labour Day (May 23), to beautify towns, clean community spaces, build community amenities and homes for the elderly.

Many of the projects were completed, and in other cases significant work was done with many of the residents promising to volunteer their time to ensure that they are completed in short order.

In addition to the many projects undertaken, the residents also assisted with the parish project, which was the painting and beautification of the town of Black River. They were joined by members of the St. Elizabeth Parish Council, the Social Development Commission (SDC), the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Rotary club and the National Youth Service (NYS).

Before participating in the event at Black River, Mayor of the town, Councillor Everton Fisher, along with residents of Balaclava, participated in the general cleaning of that town, and commenced work on a mini-park.

“Member of Parliament (Raymond Pryce) was also engaged with the Parish Council in cleaning the Santa Cruz market. The vendors will be happy for this. Members of the Fire Brigade came out and did extensive washing of the market,” the Mayor informed JIS News.

He said that with the cleaning of the town, attempts will made to engage business operators and the general citizenry to continue the work that was started.

For his part, Deputy Mayor, Mordant Mitchell, who is Councillor for the Black River Division, told JIS News that cleanliness of the town must be maintained.

“We are cognizant of the fact that this year is our 50th anniversary, and for that reason we are using our Labour Day as one of the preparatory activities to have   Black River looking ready for the occasion. This is going to be a continuous process, and we are going to make sure that we partner with the different state agencies and the different groups, because we are of the same view – we want to make the town capital of St. Elizabeth (Black River), beautiful,” Mr. Mitchell said.

Commending the NYS participants for painting the interior and yard of the Black River court building, Regional Field Officer with the NYS, Fernon Thompson, said they had put off many social events to participate in cleaning the town.

“Their participation was great. I am proud of them. I have a great team of young people in St. Elizabeth, and I feel very encouraged this morning that my young people supported the cause,” he said.

Labour Day was observed under the theme: ‘Step forward…Make Jamaica Beautiful’.


By Garfield L. Angus, JIS Reporter

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