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Finance and the Public Service Minister Audley Shaw, has advised that several arrests have been made in the recently uncovered car stealing ring, involving employees of the Tax Services Department, and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).
The racket, he says, involved the illegal registration of motor vehicles using fictitious titles, the removal of liens from titles, and the placement of illegally obtained stickers on cars “to give the impression that they are operating legally on the roads.”
Speaking at the launch of the Large Taxpayer Office at the St. Andrew Revenue Service Centre, on Constant Spring Road, on April 8, Mr. Shaw, while not able to state how many persons have been implicated, said that additional arrests are “about to be made.”
“There are serious things that are taking place in this country. There is even the existence of the illegal production of licence plates. Rogue elements of the police, the people who must serve and protect, are conniving with rogue elements in our tax departments, in this gross violation of public order. We have an opportunity within the tax departments of this country, to begin to rebuild a healthy respect for law and public order in Jamaica. (But), we are not going to get public order if rogue elements in the police force can connive with rogue elements in the tax departments, to implement a stolen car stealing ring,” the Minister stressed, while urging tax services employees to “clean up your act.”
The Minister contended that efforts at ridding the society of corruption would not yield success, if illicit activities by persons “reposed with public trust” are sanctioned.
“It cannot be that we are saying that ‘the pay not so good, so you can hustle a thing on the side’, and break the rules in the process, and (then) connive with rogue policemen to rob and plunder the national treasury. It’s more than just plundering the national treasury. It is compromising the security of our whole system, where your very economy could be compromised, if we cannot ensure the sanctity of the integrity of the due process within our tax administration. This country has reached a point of corruption where, if we don’t take very serious steps to arrest it, then all of us, our very lives and security will be compromised,” he argued, citing the need for a special task force within the JCF to address the “rogue elements.”
The Large Taxpayer Office has been established to provide personalised service to the country’s larger taxpayers, who comprise three per cent of the registered entities and individuals contributing 80 per cent of the taxes paid in Jamaica.

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