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Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Spanish Town Hospital, David Dobson has called on the public to exercise a greater level of understanding and cooperation, as the hospital sought to deliver effective health services.
Mr. Dobson is particularly appealing to persons who seek the services provided by the hospital to disregard the view that the payment of fees for services rendered was unnecessary.
This he said, in a JIS News interview, came against the background of a lack of understanding on the part of the public of the increasing demand on the services offered, particularly in the Accident and Emergency and maternity sections.
“Some persons feel that they are not to pay any fees when they come here and so display a lack of cooperation, again especially for maternity services,” he explained. Mr. Dobson emphasized that the fees charged were in no way reflective of the true cost of the services provided, therefore, persons were being encouraged to pay the small charge.
“This is not to say however that persons who cannot pay should not come to the hospital, on the contrary, but there is a process that persons who fall in this category must go through,” he explained, adding, “so we don’t want persons to just show up and when questions are asked they become abusive to the staff,” he continued.
This process involves being interviewed by one of the hospital’s approved assessment officers to determine the patient’s ability and eligibility to pay. In some cases persons receive automatic exemption from paying fees and there are circumstances where fees are waived. Payment plan options and other arrangements can also be arrived at with the assistance of the assessment officer.

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