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Cabinet has given drafting instructions to the Chief Parliamentary Counsel to amend the Registration, Birth and Death Act, to require the inclusion of the father’s name in the registration of birth.
This was disclosed by Prime Minister Bruce Golding, in the House of Representatives, on May 19. He further informed that the Act will also be amended to make special provision for the registration of birth, where the identity of the father cannot be ascertained.
“It will also be amended to make provision, which now exists, where the father consents, the name would be included. Where the consent is not forthcoming, to allow the mother to name the father, to have a notice properly served on the father, and to provide that named father with the opportunity to challenge or to contest to the naming and to have a judicial process determined by the use of DNA test, whether that paternity is verified,” Mr. Golding said.
“We are seeking to ensure, with the use of scientific test, that a child does not enter this world, without having a reasonable chance for the father of that child, to be so identified in the registration document,” he added.
The Prime Minister said that Cabinet has indicated to the Chief Parliamentary Counsel that some level of priority should be given to the proposed amendments.
“I wouldn’t specify a time, but I would expect that the legislation should be in Parliament in the next three months,” Mr. Golding said.
The Prime Minister was responding to a question asked by Member of Parliament for Central Kingston, Deacon Ronnie Thwaites, as to “when will it be mandatory for all fathers to be registered on their children’s birth certificate.”

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