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Minister of Health, Hon. Horace Dalley, has said that the thrust to obtain international accreditation for medical laboratories in the island, would improve the quality of health delivery and patient outcome.
“The basis of the accreditation exercise is our quest for quality improvement in the services we provide.we like to think of quality of care as the extent to which health services meet the standards we set and are effective in meeting patient’s needs without causing any harm or undue distress,” he said.
The Minister’s remarks came in a speech delivered by Dr. Eva Fuller, Director of the Ministry’s Health Promotion and Protection Division, at a workshop on the accreditation of medical laboratories in the Caribbean held yesterday (October 3) at the Knutsford Court Hotel.
He noted that the standards, which result from the accreditation of local laboratories, would be used as a measuring rod “to see how well we stand” and would engender a more proactive approach in standards maintenance, performance and quality and control.
Meanwhile, Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) Representative, Dr. Earnest Pate, said the National Quality Infrastructure Project had designed a model for regional accreditation, which would allow health services in the region “to be in conformity with ..international standards for quality and competence and will meet, national, regional and international needs and interests.”
Dr. Pate outlined that recognized accreditation in developed countries has fostered confidence in their health services.
“If we can have this within our region, it will allow us to address not only health and safety needs for visitors and citizens in the region, but it was also enable us to be able to export our goods and services in a more effective manner,” he stated.
The workshop was organized by the National Quality Infrastructure Project, which is being funded by the Swedish government at a cost of 7 million Euros.
The project involves collaboration effort between the Jamaica National Accreditation Company, an agency of the Ministry of Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce and the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre.

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