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Friday, June 1 marks the start of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season and Evan Thompson, Head of the Weather Branch, has said that the season will be above normal, with meteorologists predicting at least 14 named tropical storms, with seven to become hurricanes.
Mr. Thompson told JIS News that the Caribbean region may be affected by weather changes during the six-month season, which ends in November, and at least one hurricane may make land somewhere in the region.
The Atmospheric Science Department of Colorado State University in the United States (US), forecasts that of the seven hurricanes that are likely for the season, three are expected to become intense hurricanes, meaning category three or more, with wind speed in excess of 178 kilometres.
Last year, the Atlantic experienced 10 tropical storms with five hurricanes, including two major events. Scientists had predicted 13 to 16 named tropical storms for the six-month period with nine hurricanes, including 4 to 6 major hurricanes.
In the meantime, the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) is advising members of the public to implement preparedness measures to lessen the effects of any disaster during the season.

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