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Some 94 residents of Westmoreland have been equipped for jobs in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, having completed training courses offered by the Bluefield People’s Community Association (BPCA).
The project, which is being executed through funding from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Jamaica Sustainable Development Network Limited (JSDN), is designed to equip young people from Bluefield and surrounding communities, with the necessary computer literacy skills that will empower them to increase their income generating capacity. At the same time, it will contribute meaningfully to the development of their communities.
Executive Director of the Sandals/Appliance Traders Limited Group, Dr. George Phillip, in his address at the graduation ceremony held recently in the Bluefield community, commended the graduates for participating in the training programme.
He told them that the qualification they achieved would empower them to “go out, stand up proudly, and speak and do something worthwhile. It gives you a certain level of economic independence in life.I therefore charge you all to arm yourself with knowledge and to go out in the world and demonstrate what you can do, remembering that you are empowered for service.”
All the graduates received certificates of completion with special awards presented to the most outstanding participants. The most outstanding award went to Nekeva Smith, who was presented with the Luther Buchanan Trophy, named for the Member of Parliament for Eastern Westmoreland.
Mr. Smith was described as a brilliant student, who was outstanding in all in projects and course work.
A total of 222 persons have graduated from the Bluefield ICT training programme since it started some three years ago.

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