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    The Government will be spending $9.29 million on the Absenteeism in Jamaica’s Primary School Project for the 2008/09 financial year.
    Details of the project are given in the Estimates of Expenditure for the 2008/09 financial year, which is now before the House of Representatives.
    Funded by the Government and the Inter-American Development Bank, the project aims to raise attendance level at 100 primary schools and to evaluate the national school lunch programme, in order to determine its contribution to increasing level of attendance at the primary level.
    Anticipated targets for 2008/09 include identifying a consultancy firm and commencing work within communities; design study of school lunch programme and to conduct audit of first year activities.
    Achievements up to February 2008 include identifying 100 schools with the lowest attendance, and holding 93 community based meetings in order to identify the cause of poor attendance in schools.

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