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Eighty-six additional police constables will shortly be deployed across the island, to strengthen the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), which is currently operating below its required staff compliment.
The constables, which include 61 males and 25 females, graduated on Wednesday (October 1), at a ceremony at the JCF’s Twickenham Park Training facility in St. Catherine.
Minister of National Security, Senator Colonel Trevor MacMillan, in his address to the graduates, stressed the need for adherence to the principles of integrity, noting that they were a symbol to the society that should not be tarnished.
He stated that the Force was not an island onto itself and that its efforts should be toward enhancing integrity, through hard work, and a better relationship with the public.
Minister MacMillan pointed out that currently one of the greatest obstacles to effective policing that the JCF faces is that of a tarnished image, as some Jamaicans fear the police. “It is therefore absolutely critical that you make every effort to improve the relationship between our citizens. If you make the effort it will not go unnoticed by the people in the communities you serve. Over time fear will be replaced by respect and you will be their first line of defence, not the dons,” he stressed.
He urged the JCF members to challenge themselves to chart an outstanding career based on excellence, hard work, and integrity, which would earn them the respect of their fellow Jamaicans, whose co-operation they will need to make their police work easier.
Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police, Rear Admiral Hardly Lewin, told the graduates that as they go about executing their duties in the various police divisions, to ensure that they take pride in their duties. “The uniform is an identity and a symbol. Always ensure to keep your uniform as a high level of impartial professional service,” he told the graduates.
Admonishing the graduates to ensure that they operate within the confines of the law, Commissioner Lewin said, “the law confers upon you considerable powers. You should at all times act within the law and not assume any powers not conferred on you by law.”

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