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During its first two years of operation, the Commission of Strata Corporations fully registered 84 per cent of all the strata plans currently incorporated in Jamaica.

This was disclosed by Minister of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, Hon. Robert Pickersgill, during his contribution to the 2012/13 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives, on July 24.

Mr. Pickersgill informed that a further 4.8 per cent of the plans have been partially registered and the Commission is currently preparing to prosecute the remaining 11.2 per cent of the strata plans that are non-compliant.

"It has sought the guidance of the Director of Public Prosecutions and has sent warning letters by registered mail, advertised warnings in the local press and visited the delinquent proprietor/strata plans," he said.

He informed that the Commission has received a total of 123 requests for Power of Sale Certificates due to non-payment of maintenance fees.

"After careful examinations and assurances that due diligence was done, 78 certificates were issued. Four applications were withdrawn.  Additional documents have been requested for the remaining applications," he said.

Mr. Pickersgill added that the Commission also received seven applications from aggrieved parties to be heard by the Tribunal, and that the Tribunal convened three of the hearings and issued its rulings, while the remaining four are awaiting dates for the hearings.

"The Commission is currently moving for the urgent amendment of two sections of the Registration (Strata Title) Act. The drafting instructions have been issued," he added.

The Strata Commission was set up after amendments to the Registration (Strata Titles) Act were done in 2010, and will monitor and oversee strata developments.

This will strengthen the means of collecting maintenance contributions, and the Commission will also have broad powers to hold strata executives and property owners to account.                                        

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