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The National Works Agency (NWA) has reported that over 80 per cent of the traffic lights in the Corporate Area were back in working order, with the rest to be back in operation by the end of this week.
Michael Saunderson, Intelligence and Transportation System Specialist at the NWA, told JIS News that most of the damage to the lights were superficial and the parts could be replaced by salvaging sections from lights no longer used in the system.
He said that most of the damaged lights were located on temporary platforms. “These were traffic signal installations that were put up on a temporary basis, however we are looking at installing them permanently,” he told JIS News.
Mr. Saunderson said further, that the communication cable linking the Traffic Management Centre to the various traffic lights experienced some degree of damage and this was also being repaired. “The controller equipment is still functional and, that is really good news because that is the most expensive part of the installation,” he noted.
Meanwhile, Communications and Customer Relations Manager at the NWA, Vando Palmer, speaking at a recent press conference at the Ministry of Land and Environment in New Kingston, said that low voltage had hampered the repairing of lights at Port Royal Street and Duke Street; Harbour Street and East Street; Harbour Street and Duke Street; and Orange Street and North Street in downtown Kingston.
“We have submitted a list to JPSCo [Jamaica Public Service Company] and, we are working closely together to see when we can get them up and running. We along with JPSCo are committed to resolving the problem,” he stated.
Other intersections affected are Arthur Wint Drive and Mountain View Avenue; Hope Road and Liguanea Avenue; Hope Road and Winchester/Surbiton Avenues; Lady Musgrave and Seaview Avenue; Lady Musgrave and Fairview Ave; and, Lady Musgrave and Old Hope Road.
In the meantime, the NWA is urging motorists to proceed with caution at intersections where the traffic signals are malfunctioning.

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