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The University of Technology (UTech) Enhancement Project will get an $80 million allocation this fiscal year to undertake work to upgrade facilities at the institution.
The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)-funded project aims to enhance the university’s capacity to provide quality-level education in Jamaica through expansion and upgrading of the school plant, and to further the development of staff and improve financial sustainability.
As stated in the 2009/2010 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives, the targets for this year include carrying out an academic qualitative audit and market needs analysis and enhancing learning and teaching. Activities aimed at income diversification and improving Information Communication Technology (ICT) needs, will also be undertaken.
At present, designs and related documents are almost complete, while preparatory work is in progress to establish the Project Management Unit and the Project Steering Committee. The implementation plans are also being reviewed.
Over the approximate 4.5 years that the project will last, it is envisaged that several infrastructure upgrades will be made, such as, expansion of the School of Hospitality Management; construction of new classroom blocks; procurement of equipment; and construction of administrative offices for the School of Business.
Institutional strengthening will also be done, including improvements to human resources capacity and the carrying out of a market needs analysis and a graduate tracer needs study.
The project, which began last July, will see approximately $3 billion being spent over its duration.

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