JIS News

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo) has indicated that 28,000 customers in Manchester, representing 70 per cent of households, now have access to their regular electricity supplies.
JPSCo Parish Manager for Manchester, Thelma Vassel told JIS News that the company was working to return power to areas still without the utility.
Areas being worked on are Williamsfield Gardens, Bellefield and Davyton, Royal Flat, Walderston, Robin’s Hall, Halifax, Harry Watch, Denham Farm, Chudleigh, Devon, Lower Christiana, Savoy, Bronte, Ritches, Banana Ground, Lancaster, Snowdon, Pratville, Newport, Mile Gully and Grove Place.
Mrs. Vassell indicated that over 700 power lines in the parish were damaged by Hurricane Ivan and these were being replaced. “We suffered quite a bit of damage mainly in the southern and northern sections of Manchester and we have been giving priority to the essential services,” she said, noting that the towns of Spalding, Christiana and Mandeville, which had major health facilities, were the first areas reconnected.
In addition, a number of households were disconnected due to unsafe wires, which posed dangers of fire and electrocution and the company is working to reconnect these customers as soon as possible.
Mrs. Vassell warned that some customers might experience disruption in service due to low voltage and generation problems. “Things are not really fully stabilised at this point so there will be cases when the power will be on and off. As it is now, we have worked and prioritised the main trunk lines along the major thoroughfares,” she said.
She reminded persons who lost their roofs that their homes would have to be properly assessed before their power could be turned on. “Any situation that demands rewiring or modification to an existing structure will be treated in this way.we are asking persons who have not yet received service to bear with us as our workmen have been working around the clock to get the parish full back into operation” she stated.