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Technical administration, as it relates to Geological and Geotechnical Regulatory Services, will be enhanced with the allocation of $6.5 million in the 2008/09 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives.
Of the sum, $2.5 million will go towards the Quarry Zoning project. The objective of this project is to regulate and control quarrying for sand, limestone, and aggregate, among others, in order to avoid unlawful destruction of the environment. The provision for this year is for the continuation of the programme to establish quarry zones in close proximity to demand centres for aggregates, building and construction purposes.
A sum of $2 million of the allocation has been set aside for the Metallic Minerals Exploration project, which aims to develop and diversify Jamaica’s non-bauxite mineral resources.
The main objectives of the project are to provide a phased evaluation of precious and base metals (such as gold, silver and nickel) potential of the island; identify, develop and promote areas with ore grade potential; generate the metallic minerals database of the island with a special emphasis on its application to agriculture, health, epidemiology and environmental management; and to promote and encourage investment in the non-bauxite metallic mineral sector.
The Non-Metallic Minerals Exploration project will also be assisted with an allocation of $1 million of the sum. The aim of the project, is to spearhead the development and economic exploitation of Jamaica’s industrial (non-metallic) mineral resources.
Objectives are the identification and evaluation of economically viable deposits of industrial minerals; to assist investors in preliminary geological evaluation, sampling, analysis and definition of mineral reserves; and to prepare a quarry development plan for these resources.
The Geographical and Geotechnical Assessments project, will also receive $1 million of the funds. The objectives of this project are to undertake national landslide and seismic hazard mapping in volatile areas islandwide; and provide advice for a national disaster management plan as well as other development plans involving road construction and other engineering projects.

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