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The Government has set aside more than $558 million in the Estimates of Expenditure for 2010/11, to be spent on housing schemes, inclusive of the acquisition of land, special projects, joint ventures, and planning and development.
A total of $186.1 million is to go toward the acquisition of 30 parcels of land across the island for new developments and the regularisation of settlements under the Local Improvement and Communities Amenities Act (LICA), while $77 million will go toward a social housing programme, and the construction and rehabilitation of houses in Albion, St. James.
Meanwhile, some $130.7 million has been allotted for special projects. These involve squatter management, which is to receive $3.7 million; the urban renewal and upgrading programme, $65 million; and a project under the LICA, which is to receive $37.9 million for road and drainage works at Brunswick Avenue, Penwood Road, Angels, and Cremona, all in the Spanish Town area. There is also the installation of infrastructure at Manningsville, including road, water, sewage system and electricity for 41 lots, at a cost of $23 million.
In addition, $33.8 million has been set aside for direction and administration costs, while $29.3 million is to go toward community development, and the preparation of a training manual for the Strata Corporation and occupancy audits in the Glendevon, Galina, Windsor, and Galleon Beach housing developments. Another $58.9 million will be used for land surveying, which will facilitate regularising of boundaries, the marketing of lots, and the issuing of titles.
Meanwhile, $69.5 million will go toward joint venture projects, and $1.9 million for payments to chartered valuation surveyors and the National Land Agency (NLA) to valuate properties to be acquired or sold by the Ministry.

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