JIS News

Director General, Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, Ronald Jackson, has informed that some 52 persons are still being housed in five shelters across the island.

“Those individuals are persons who have lost their homes. There are others (who have lost their homes) but they have sought to move in with other family members in the interim,” he said.

Mr. Jackson was speaking during the Jamaica House Press Briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

Of the persons still in shelters, 30 are being housed at the Manchioneal Community Centre, in Portland; 12 at the Elliot Primary, St. Mary; seven at Spring Ground Community Centre, Manchester; two at Annotto Bay High in Portland; and one at the Chudleigh Community Centre in Manchester.

Mr. Jackson informed that the Ministry of Labour and Social Security team is “rapidly” going through the assessment process to determine the needs.

He said that strategies are being looked at to expedite the rebuilding process for these affected individuals.

“We have already been discussing strategies to address the re-housing of these individuals or support …and this includes other partners. I know our Red Cross, which is a partner, they are also looking at how they can support that process,” he said.