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As part of an ongoing drive to achieve a more efficient and reliable transportation system in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region (KMTR), the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) on May 13, offloaded a shipment of 50 new Belgian-made buses, which should be commissioned into service by June 1.
Communications Manager at the JUTC, Reginald Allen, explained that the buses are intended to augment the existing fleet and bring about greater reliability. These are all state-of-the-art buses, he noted, adding that 50 more buses are due in July.
He said that this new shipment is an “indication of where the JUTC wants to go in terms of bringing greater dignity, comfort and convenience to the public transportation system.”
“Bearing in mind that we got a fare increase, it is imperative for us to continue to improve the service and give the commuters their money’s worth,” Mr. Allen said.
The 53-seater yellow buses are equipped with fire safety features, cameras, among other features. Mr. Allen explained that with each shipment, any challenges with the previous shipment are communicated to the suppliers and are corrected in subsequent fleets.
“Each time we get a new addition, any difficulties or challenges with the existing fleets are corrected in the new stock. This will certainly add to the reliability of our fleets and greater convenience for the commuters,” he told JIS News.
Mr. Allen pointed out that the routes assigned will be based on commuting needs. “We are trying to allocate buses as much as possible to fit the community needs. You will find some routes will always have many more than others, such as Spanish Town to Half-Way Tree, Spanish Town to Downtown, Portmore to Half-Way Tree and Portmore to Downtown,” he pointed out.

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