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Minister of Health, Hon. Horace Dalley, said today (October 24), that in addition to several pieces of medical equipment to be supplied to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), the 50-bed Edwina ward is to be refurbished at a cost of $5.4 million.
“We are going to renovate the Edwina Ward. We need to put in new flooring so the space can be used. The Ministry of Health, through the National Health Fund, has the money to do that, but we are waiting on the arrangements to be made so that we can have the estimates ready and have someone contracted to do that work,” Mr. Dalley said.
The Minister, who was touring the KPH, said there was a major strain on resources and staff at the hospital.
“This is the major referral hospital in the country. Nobody can be turned away from the KPH. If, for instance, Annotto Bay Hospital has a problem and they can’t solve that clinical problem, they send it to KPH, because it must be solved here,” he emphasized.
Among the new equipment to be supplied in the near future are simulators, which accurately localize cancer infected organs for treatment and minimize radiation damage to surrounding tissue, a Computed Axial Tomography (CAT) Machine, Magnetic Resonance Imagine Machine, a cobalt machine for radiation treatment of cancer, 16 dialysis machines and specialized stretchers.
Furthermore, the Minister pointed out that the non-operational elevator at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital would soon be back in service.
On the matter of improving dialysis service at the Renal Unit of the KPH, Minister Dalley said in order to double the capacity of the unit from 16 to 32, “the country needs another unit, either elsewhere or here at KPH, and people trained in that area, to be able to give the treatment”.
Meanwhile, Senior Medical Officer at the KPH, Dr. Trevor McCartney, said that despite the high influx of patients at the hospital, quality healthcare was a priority.

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