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The Ministry of Justice has approved 41 new Justices of the Peace (JPs) for Clarendon.
Custos of the parish, R. James deRoux, made the announcement as he addressed a function held recently at the Versalles Hotel in May Pen, to present certificates to 21 JPs from the parish, who recently completed a five-week training course aimed at educating them about their roles and responsibilities in the justice system.
“I’m announcing now that the Minister of Justice (Senator A.J. Nicholson) has approved 41 new JPs for the parish of Clarendon. They are covering Spaulding, Frankfield, Thompson Town, Milk River, Osbourne Store, Race Course, Rocky Point, Water Lane, and Portland Cottage,” he informed.
Acknowledging that it had taken sometime for the list to be approved, Custos deRoux explained that the Minister had suspended the appointment of JPs during the period when seals were being issued, to ensure that each parish had a clean list. “I’d just like to say that the Minister is right in what he did .he held back the approval and I thoroughly agreed with him,” he said.
Meanwhile, Custos deRoux congratulated the 21 JPs for successfully completing their training course, but pointed out that a number of others were not “pulling their weight”.
“I’d like to encourage those of you who are in contact with them to tell them to please pull up their socks and understand that they’ve taken a responsibility to be a JP, which is a serious responsibility and they must do their work,” he stated.

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