JIS News

The Tourism Product Development and Services programme has been allocated $87.5 million in the 2004/05 Estimates of expenditure, now before the House of Representatives.
Of this amount, $40 million will go to the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) for training, beautification projects, maintenance of properties, visitor information programme (anti-harassment) and sustainable environmental and tourism projects.
The Jamaica Reservation Services (JRS), which is responsible for providing information pertaining to available accommodations, car rental facilities and other services, will receive $6 million.
The JRS also has responsibility for providing telesales for the Jamaica Tourist Board. In addition, it provides marketing support for hotels, villas, attractions and other products in the tourism sector with special emphasis on the integration of business entities that offer support to the sector.
An entity under the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, the JRS seeks opportunities to promote and market entertainment events as part of the tourism product.
Meanwhile, Jamaica Vacations (Jam Vac) Limited will also receive $41.5 million to create conditions for accelerating the growth of visitor numbers to Jamaica and to increase the airlift capacity, both scheduled and charter, by working with existing and new carriers.
In carrying out its mandate, Jamaica Vacations Limited assumes an element of risk with tour operators on their programme and assists with co-operative advertising for the destination to protect the seat risk.
Jam Vac also collaborates with tour operators to facilitate charter operations in areas that need to be exploited, as well as those not yet fully exploited. At present, efforts are being made to refocus on the United Kingdom (UK) and European markets.

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