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Minister of State for Agriculture, Errol Ennis has challenged the Jamaica 4-H Club to assist in the creation of a “development trajectory” for the country’s young people.
“I think that the 4-H movement has an opportunity to lead a process by which significantly more rural young people can identify a developmental path that speaks to themselves as well as their communities and their country.
“I believe that the 4-H Movement must now begin to prepare a programme of what I call agricultural entrepreneurship, to invite their members to begin that process of developing themselves as serious players in the Jamaican economy,” he stated.
Mr. Ennis who was speaking at the launch of the St. James 4-H Advisory Council’s ‘Nyammins and Jammins’ food festival this morning (Sept. 28) at the Gloucestershire Hotel in Montego Bay, argued that the lack of a developmental trajectory had led to high levels of migration as persons pursued their own interests rather than nationalistic goals. He encouraged the 4-H movement to assist efforts to change that reality.
On another matter, the State Minister called for increased focus on agriculture, in terms of the sector’s contribution to national development. He noted that there was a tendency to underestimate and under-record the importance of agriculture in the national landscape.
“And, when you take the value added aspects of it, it is much larger than the reported seven per cent that we speak about in terms of our Gross Domestic Product,” he stated.
‘Nyammins and Jammins 2005’ is slated for Monday, October 17 at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay.
Now in its fifth year, the festival is the premier fund raising event for the St. James 4-H Club, with proceeds going towards the training of clubbites.
Last year, more than $500,000 was granted to the 67 registered clubs within the parish.

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