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Members of the 4-H Club at the St. Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) now have a new and re-stocked poultry house, which was rehabilitated at a cost of $300,000 by the Council for Voluntary Social Services (CVSS)/United Way of Jamaica.
The sum was given as part of the efforts of the organization to assist in the rehabilitation of the agricultural sector after the passage of Hurricane Ivan last year.
The reconstructed chicken coop currently has 300 broilers, which represent the first set placed in the coop since it was rebuilt.
In an interview with JIS News at the school recently, Trevor Stewart, Teacher and Leader of the agricultural aspect of the school’s 4-H Club, said that the new structure had a positive impact on the clubbites at the school, who were now able to restart their 4-H agricultural activities. “I have been a part of the school’s 4-H Club for the past two years and I have noticed that the children are excited about being a part of the 4-H Club, as a result of the various activities that the Club undertakes,” he pointed out.
He said the students were doing well, and that in the various competitions that took place at the 4-H National Achievement Day in April of this year, the school won first prize in goat care and management and placed second in the public speaking competition. Omaine Stewart, a 4-H club member at STETHS, said that the Jamaica 4-H Clubs was an excellent organization, which facilitated the holistic development of its participants through its numerous training programmes.
He encouraged other students to become a part of the Jamaica 4-H Movement, as the skills obtained in agriculture, home economics, leadership training and other programmes, which the organization offered, would only serve to enhance their development.
Mr. Stewart said his involvement in the school’s club has served to enhance his interest in agriculture, and that he planned to enter the sector in the future, in the field of agronomy.
On completing a tour of the project recently at STETHS, Chairman of the CVSS/United Way of Jamaica, Clayton Stephen, said that the organization was pleased with the 4-H project, as it showed sustainability.
“We are happy that the funds given, have been well utilized by the Jamaica 4-H Clubs and we wish that the organization will continue its focus on youth development,” he said.

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