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Executive Director of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Lenworth Fulton, has emphasised that the organization was committed to the development of the minds of young Jamaicans through training.
Addressing the annual general meeting of the Portland 4-H Club Advisory Council in Port Antonio on November 3, Mr. Fulton said the training conducted by the Jamaica 4-H Clubs was to develop the human capital of the country, by giving young people the opportunity to achieve excellence through education and skills training.
The Executive Director said he had strong confidence in the ability of young Jamaicans to lead successful lives if they are afforded the necessary support and opportunity, and that it was incumbent on the society to identify good qualities in young people from an early stage, in order to provide the nurturing that would bring out those qualities and make them become responsible adults.
He expressed appreciation for the co-operation the 4-H Clubs have received from schools and community organizations in the provision of training and the implementation of other developmental activities for clubbites across the country.
Mr. Fulton said the partnership they had formed with the 4-H Clubs was an invaluable one in the effort to mould the lives of young people.
The Executive Director stressed that the acquisition of a good education and skills was the way forward for the Jamaican population if the country is to be competitive on the global market.
He noted that the training programmes being conducted by the 4-H Clubs were also aimed at developing the social capital of the country, by empowering young people and bringing them together to work for the advancement of the country.

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