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The Hanover 4-H Cubbies showed off their skills in naming and taking care of plants and animals, public speaking and other areas, at the 2008 Parish Achievement Day held recently at the Hopewell High School.
The youngsters, age five to eight, competed in mounting mini displays, reciting poems; identifying seeds, pets and plants; colouring posters; among other things.
Introduced last year, the Cubbies programme is the latest initiative of the 4-H Movement, through which it hopes to capture young people as soon as they enter the school system.
“They are at the right age to identify farm animals, pets, seeds, say little poems, understand the importance of plants to human beings and so we implemented that programme,” explained Executive Director of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Lenworth Fulton.
The hope is to instill the necessary discipline, skills, values and attitudes, which will help the youngsters to become productive and worthwhile members of society.
Mr. Fulton noted that membership in the Cubbies programme has grown since it was introduced last year and expectations are high that there will be continued growth in the coming years. Approximately 42 schools and one community club exhibited their work and participated in various competitive events at the Achievement Day.

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