JIS News

The Jamaica 4-H Clubs rabbit-rearing project will be officially launched on Tuesday (Feb. 27) at the Rose Hall 4-H Training Centre in Linstead, St. Catherine.
The project, which is being funded by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) at a cost of some $600,000, will equip clubbities with the necessary skills in rabbit production and business management, to start income generating projects.
Parish Development Officer for the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Collin Woodham, told JIS News that 10 clubbities would be selected for the first stage of the project. They will be trained in entrepreneurial skills, husbandry practices for rabbits, record keeping and marketing, and growing fodder for the animals.
“We are involving our clubbites and allowing them to participate in the project by rearing rabbits of their own. We will give them one buck and two does which they will contribute to the cost down the road but we start them with that and a small hutch,” he informed, noting that the hutches have been completed.
The 4-H Clubs are expected to purchase rabbit meat from the clubbites in the initial phase of the project.
“We are also hoping to provide an opportunity for our clubbites.so that they will have a business opportunity to venture into. We are looking forward to a profitable business. We want this project to generate some income,” Mr. Woodham stated.
He told JIS News that the project would be extended to 4-H centres islandwide. “Once we are up and running and our project is successful, then we want to transfer that to other centres, so they too could benefit from the knowledge and exposure,” he said.