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More than 400 4-H clubbities in St. James, along with their leaders, have benefited from training sessions organized by the parish’s advisory council since the start of the year.
According to 4-H Parish Manager for St. James, Barbara Lawrence, the training programme was a continuous one and was geared towards equipping the clubbites with the necessary skills to properly function in the society.
“We have actually done training already in cake baking and decorating, table setting, cattle management, agro-processing, poultry care and management, budding and grafting, and composting and potting of plants,” she told JIS News, adding that seminars in skirt making, creating stuffed toys, and rabbit and goat care and management, would be carried out before the end of the month.
Noting that the training was age specific, Mrs. Lawrence explained that seminars in skirt marking; cake baking and decorating; poultry care; and the budding, grafting, and composting of plants was for clubbities 13 to 18 years old; while training in table-setting and rabbit care and management was for the nine to 12 year-olds.
In addition, the goat care and management training sessions are targeted at clubbities 15 years and over, while the agro-processing seminars are open to all age groups.
Mrs. Lawrence said the training seminars were held at locations throughout the parish, to reach as many youth as possible, and the St. James office of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) assisted in all agricultural aspects of the training.
Meanwhile, she told JIS News that 34 clubs have been registered within the parish for the 2005/2006 administrative year, adding that the number should reach 67 before the end of January.
The 4-H parish manager had high praise for the administration of the schools in the parish for their ready acceptance and cooperation towards establishment of clubs within their institutions.

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