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Persons participating in the Jamaica 4-H Clubs should view this activity as a stepping stone on a career path or as an entrepreneurial opportunity. This is the view of Kido Smith, a second year student at the May Pen campus of Knox Community College in Clarendon.
Speaking with JIS News at the Clarendon 4-H Parish Achievement Day exposition at Knox College on March 15, Kido said working with his six team mates on their display, which looked at Drought Management, has broadened his outlook on a career in management of the environment.
“This will definitely aid us on our career path, because I am involved in the Environment and Science Department at Knox Community College. So this is actually a part of what I’m doing as my career path – disaster management and mitigation – and a host of other courses,” he said. He noted that when he is finished at Knox, his course of study would be of some benefit to the community and the country.
Their display was divided into two sections, the first showing dry arid drought conditions and the second looking at strategies to manage and get the best out of a drought.
Kido noted that the display was not just for students and 4-H clubbites, but for everyone. “We’ll be improving the display and will be taking it to farming communities on the south coast and low lying plains of Vere, to show to people what is happening and what they can do to make the best of the situation,” he pointed out.
Recruiting Officer of the 4-H Movement, Shian Christie told JIS News that being involved in a 4-H club was an excellent first step toward a career for students.
“They get an opportunity to be exposed to, and learn several skills in Agriculture, Home Economics and Art and Craft before they even get to a high or tertiary institution,” he pointed out.
Underscoring the help offered by the 4-H Movement, Ron Blake, Field Services Co-ordinator, Central Region, said many persons in small businesses got their start and ideas from their involvement in the 4-H Clubs.
“What is even more important is the fact that these persons who feed their families and make contributions to their communities, can expand their small businesses based on the foundation built with the 4-H Movement,” he said.

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