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A total of $39.8 million has been allocated to the Planning Model Development and National Development Plan ‘T21’ in the 2013/2014 Estimates of Expenditure.

The project, which is being implemented by the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PSOJ), seeks to prepare a long-term National Development Plan, along with 31 sector plans, which would result in Jamaica achieving developed country status by 2030.

Other objectives include the development of a Medium Term Social Economic Policy Framework (MTF) for period 2009 to 2012; develop a planning model, which is responsive to the changing structure of the economy; and establish a framework for the implementation, monitoring, evaluation and communication of the National Development Plan.

As at February 2013, 30 sector plans were completed in collaboration with task force groups; National Development Plan and MTF completed and tabled in Parliament followed by widespread distribution of both documents to stakeholders; while a Cabinet submission was prepared for approval of the plan and Ministry Paper submitted to Parliament.

In addition, public consultations were conducted across the island; presentations made to public and private sector bodies, trade unions, civil society groups, and to the Opposition.

Other achievements include: upgrading of the Vision 2030 Jamaica website; 47,000 copies of the popular version of the National Development Plan were printed and 26,000 copies distributed islandwide; completion of four quarterly progress reports and finalisation of two-year progress report; while 10 of 18 Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) were established to monitor and evaluate implementation of the plan.

Anticipated targets for the 2013/2014 fiscal year include: printing and dissemination of three-year Vision 2030 Jamaica report; widespread distribution of MTF to stakeholders; to establish and support operation of Technical Monitoring Committee (TMC); and printing and dissemination of new MTF for 2012/2013 to 2014/2015.

The project is being funded by the Government of Jamaica and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). It began in February 2006 and is scheduled to be completed by December 2014.

The House of Representatives is to consider the Estimates of Expenditure beginning on Tuesday, April 9.

By Latonya Linton, JIS Reporter