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Approximately 37,000 tonnes of imported cement is expected in the island this month.
Of that amount, ARC Systems is to receive 27,000 tonnes, while Caribbean Cement Company Limited is to get 10,000 tonnes of bulk cement from a Columbian shipment, which is expected on October 5.
This is the information from the Ministry of Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce (MITEC), in conjunction with the Incorporated Master Builders Association, the Hardware Merchants Association, and the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce.
At a joint meeting at the Ministry today (October 2), the entities reported that the Buying House is to receive its shipment of 34,000 tonnes by the end of November.
The entities also announced that approximately 28,000 tonnes of cement would be made available this week from the Caribbean Cement Company Limited and other stakeholders.
Last week the stakeholders sold approximately 25,000 tonnes of cement.
Meanwhile, Caribbean Cement Company Limited noted that its Cuban shipment of 8,000 tonnes is still being offloaded and would soon be available for distribution.
The company also reported that year-to-date sales amounted to 656,818 tonnes, compared with 666,983 tonnes for the similar period last year.

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